Alex, Approximately by Jenn Bennett.

Alex, Approximately - Jenn Bennett

Spolier Alert: They were searching but hiding from each other but they just didn't know it.


Alex Approximately by Jenn Bennett is such a cute book. I really liked this book. When I saw that this author had another book out, I had to grab it and read it straight away. I really enjoyed her other book Night Owls that I knew I was going to enjoy this book as well.


"Bailey Rydell has found the boy of her dreams. 'Alex' is smart and sweet and loves the same movies as her. The only problem? They haven't met... So when Bailey moves to California to be with her dad, who happens to live in the same town as her online crush, she decides to use all her detective skills to track him down. Turns out, it's not easy finding someone when you don't even know they real name. And with the irritating but charismatic local surfer distracting her at every turn, will she ever get meet the mysterious 'Alex'?"


With goal to meet 'Alex' in the new town she has moved in, she is forced by her dad to work at the local museum where the local surfer boy works. Sparks fly. She gets her scooter taken by someone and through it all the local boy helps her, they fall for each other and through all of this they discover that they have known each other a lot longer. 


This book was such an easy read, the way it was written just made me read it fast. I have read from this author before and finished that book in a day. 


I LOVED this book! 


A strong 5/5 stars! Highly recommend this book swell!


I'm struggling to find books I don't like! I just like every book I get...