A Little something different by Sandy Hall

A Little Something Different - Sandy   Hall

Spoiler Alert: The Squirrel is the best part of the book, what a cutie. 


A little something different by Sandy Hall is about two people that don't know that they're meant for each other. Everyone else around them knows that they're made for each other, even the squirrel. They're both very awkward and don't know how to handle the situation. 


Here's what it is about:

"Lea and Gabe are in the same creative writing class. They get the same pop culture references, order the same Chinese food, and hang out in the same places. Unfortunately, Lea is a little aloof, Gabe is shy, and it looks like they are never going to work things out.

But something is happening between them, and everyone can see it. Their creative writing teacher pushes them together. The baristas at the local Starbucks watch their relationship like a TV series. The bus driver tells his wife about them. The waitress at the diner automatically seats them together. Even the squirrel who lives on the college green believes Lea and Gabe were meant to be together". 


The way this book is written is interesting, it doesn't show the story from Lea and Gabe's POV but instead from the people around them. Through the eyes of the people around them, we get to experience how they act around each other. They're awkward and don't know what to do. 



I really liked this book a lot and finished it pretty fast. 


If you want a super cheesy, cute book that's a fast easy read then this is the book for you. 


4/5 stars! Highly recommend!