Asking For It by Louise O'Neill

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Asking for it - Louise T. O'Neill

Spoiler Alert: She wasn't asking for it. 


A few weeks ago I started and finished the book Asking For It by Louise O'Neill. This book was extremely good and it's probably going to be one of the best books I have ever read. This author has a way with words. The whole topic of this book isn't what I'm used to as well. This book picks on the topic of rape, sexual assault and how it can destroy someone's life. 


This is what the books about:

"In a small town, where everyone knows everyone, Emma O'Donovan is different. She is the special one- beautiful, popular, powerful. And she works hard to keep it that way. Until that night...

Now, she's an embarrassment. Now, she is a slut. Now, she is nothing. And those pictures- those pictures that everyone has seen- means she can never forget."


So Emma was raped and had her body taken advantage of by some local boys that she knew. This book follows how Emma handles the situation. Her friends believe that she was asking for it. They decide to completely ditch her and no longer support her. The local boys believe that they did nothing wrong. Only one person understands and supports Emma through this apart from her family. This person is Conor who lives next door to Emma. 



This book highlights how rape culture, blame and victimising can ruin someones life. Emma once had it all, now has nothing. In the end she gives up fighting. Asking For It, shows how important it is get speak up about sexual assault and how there needs to be a better support system around the victims and their families. 


I overall really enjoyed this book even though there were parts such as the party scene that did make me feel uncomfortable. 


5/5 stars! I highly recommend this book to anyone that wants a good read that will open up their eyes on this hard topic.