The Dangerous Art of Blending in

The Dangerous Art of Blending In - Angelo Surmelis

SPOILER ALERT: Watch out for the mother, beliefs are more important than family. 


The Dangerous Art of Blending in is a book that's about a young boy that struggles to blend in when it comes to his family. His mother has strong beliefs that to her are more important than the love for her own child. The father doesn't know how to stand up for himself and when things start to go wrong with his son and wife, he finally starts to protect his son, because if he didn't then his son would be dead. 


I know some people don't like this book. I on the other and loved it to pieces. This book was very well written and it didn't sugar coat the way some families can be when it comes to what some people have grown up with, their sexual orientation, and family violence. I think this book is important because it spreads the need to show some light on topics that aren't talked about enough.


I highly recommend this book to everyone, I would even recommend it to my cat.