Review Time!

— feeling unhappy
Vassa in the Night - Sarah Porter



Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter. I'm sorry if this review hurts someones feelings!


I did not like this book. It took me quite awhile to read this book because I just couldn't understand what was happening throughout the book. The whole concept of the book was interesting though,I'll give the author that.


This is the type of book I wouldn't normally buy myself, this was the book that I received in the a book subscription service.The other items in the book I found quite cool, the books description I thought was cool and interesting a different from what I normally read. 


Once I started reading I knew that I was going to struggle with it. It had these weird characters like this moving hands, a building that had chicken feet at night the would his the store into the air because it's magic. Literally anyone that left the store was going to be killed. Vassa had a magic doll as well. Just the whole idea of the book made me want to DNf it but I didn't I finished the book and it was painful. I'm sorry if other people enjoyed this book but I didn't. I'm sorry if the author ever finds this book review, I guess not all books are for you, this book just wasn't my cup of tea but I'm sure other people enjoyed it.